Nicole Rainey

Owner & Instructor

Nicole Rainey is a dedicated Yoga practicioner. She embarked on her Yoga journey in 2002. In 2003, Nicole attended the intensive, 500-hour Bikram Yoga Training in L.A. In 2006, the practice of Bhakti (devotional) Yoga, aided her shift towards a more spiritual connection to the practice of Yoga. Nicole became a licensed massage therapist in 2006, specializing in Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga and Craniosacral Therapy. She now shares Laser Therapy with her clients, as a non-invasive, drug-free modality for healing.

As the previous owner, and operator of Midtown Juniper Yoga, in Bend, Oregon, Nicole evolved from being an instructor, to an entrepreneur, team leader, and international Yoga Retreat leader. One of her most rewarding ventures was leading a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2017. She intends to continue to offer mentorships, and continuing education for Coeur D’Alene’s growing community of yoga instructors, and all who seek the benefits of Yoga.

Allison Parsons


Allison fell in love with yoga at an early age and has been practicing for 8 years. With her welcoming demeanor, she challenges students to connect a bit deeper with themselves – physically, mentally & spiritually. In her classes, you can always expect rejuvenation, community and even a little bit of laughter.

Stephanie Dunning


Stephanie Dunning is a wife, mother of 2 young boys, Certified BUTI Instructor, Butisattva, and Entrepreneur. Stephanie was introduced to BUTI in 2014 after her first child. While suffering from postpartum depression she slowly started the journey to heal through essential oils, a natural lifestyle and BUTI YOGA. After years of being a student she was called to become an instructor after her second child and become certified in January of 2019 after practicing BUTI for 5 years. Stephanie has seen so much transformation in her students and in herself, that she is passionate about sharing the BUTI practice with everyone to receive the true ability to heal from within. She has lived in the PNW her whole life and loves every bit of every season. Looking forward she is expanding her BUTI practice by participating in Advanced training and other Certified techniques this year that BUTI offers.

Kevin Mcleod


I started practicing yoga in 2008.  Coming from a sports background, I was drawn to the physicality of the practice– I loved practicing vinyasa, ashtanga, “power”, and hot yoga.  After years exploring the practice, I began exploring the more subtle realms of yoga.  I still love the physical nature of this practice, but much more powerful are its mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

I started teaching in 2012 and it has remained the greatest passion in my life.  I have been blessed to study yoga under teachers from all over the world, in all styles — from Bikram to Bhakti to Kundalini, I’ve always had an insatiable hunger to study Yoga in all its forms.  I’ve just returned from a year in India and am so excited to be back to share what I’ve learned.


Jenn Hansen


Jenn Hansen is from Coeur d’ Alene, and loves to share her energy and passions with others. Classically trained in ballet and a strong passion for fitness outside of dance, Jenn created her own dance fitness program called Soul Fusion teaching in Idaho, California, Hawaii, and Costa Rica. Jenn fell in love with the practice of yoga and became certified in 2016. Since, she has been teaching many styles including Vinyasa, Power Flow, Hot Yoga, and Detox Flow. Recently Jenn became certified in Reiki level One and Two, a gentle healing art helping to restore the body’s own strength and capacity for renewal.