Zebra Mats began in nineteen ninety-seven with the intent to provide superior flooring to fitness centers, martial arts dojos, and yoga studios. These mats are constructed with a high-quality fifteen lb./cubic foot multi-density re-bonded polyurethane foam core enveloped with a non-slip vinyl casing to provide our clients with a smooth surface that is durable, safe, comfortable to practice on, easy to clean, and fun to use. The heat-sealed, tatami-style covering is specifically designed to guard against the proliferation of fungi, mildew, and bacteria. The water-proof surface and open cell construction of the mat not only assures optimum safety while holding difficult positions and joint sensitive poses, it acts as an extra layer of insulation, maintaining the proper amount of heat and humidity required for each session. While enriching the atmosphere of our studio and alleviating any concern about sterility, the Zebra Mats featured at The Path add yet another dimension onto the yoga practice by providing cushion under your feet, increasing strength, balance, stamina and focus. Come practice with us, and find out for yourself why Zebra Mats are the preferred choice for some of the most reputable studios in the country